Thursday, December 18, 2014

Be The Star

We work and drive and shop and watch television... the news, world affairs, the economy, oil prices, conflict...  we have all this social media and allll these things that just go and go. Right? Busy, busy lives and brains. Days fly, as do months and then years. 

We'll reach a point where we're able to think back to experiences and moments. 
We'll think about camping trips... vacations... and laughing.  
We'll think about old friends and where we grew up... our hometown... the streets where we learned some life lessons.  
We'll remember certain things, certain people said to us... comments that became tattooed in our brains.
We'll remember love and crushes.  
We'll be relive it when a certain song comes on the radio and that one lyric can take you back to your first apartment and how you'd make easy mac n cheese before watching your show with your best friend.  

But right now... you're not there yet.  You're still writing your story.  
So who are you?  Are you writing yourself to be a back ground character?
Or are you the star?  It's ok to be the star... this is your story.  Why would you write yourself into a supporting role?  Be the star.  
Be the star to your children.
Be the star to your husband/wife.
Be the star to your friends.
Be solid.  
Be human.  

You wont remember money.  
You'll remember moments.  

This Is Blue Chip