Sunday, January 11, 2015

More on that later...

I only try to write once per week, so I try to jot down notes or random posts to help me remember things I want to further a thought on for Sunday nights.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Often, when you get the urge to do something, you just have to do it when the moment strikes... there's just something in the air or a voice in your head saying "now," and that's it.

So, we're in class Saturday morning... yoga, and things happen here and there.  I've been coaching and training and working with people for a really long time and one thing I'm really, really good at is reading people.  Reading facial cues, body language and all that, and yoga is a really easy place to do it.  Most cues are saying "Go F yourself and this chair pose." jk.  
So there are times, where I know to pull things back or crank it up, throw out some challenges or advise a childs pose... dont be worried about taking a needed child pose, trust me.  no one ever does.  I was literally in a class yesterday that had me just kneeling and laughing at myself as everyone around me handled it all much better than I did.  That was the fun.  I kinda see that sometimes.  Classes I'm in and classes I teach.  Its not a competition... its not a pose off... if i could remove the mirrors in there, I would.  This is the fun with yoga... its so much more than stretching.  All the time, people associate yoga with stretching and fluffy music and humming and chirping birds, but there's something hidden in there.  And you really have to settle down and witness it, witness yourself.  Almost to remove yourself, from yourself, and just watch.  Watch as you move and breathe, as you start to think about randomness during class, as your brain starts to distract you from one of the actual goals... clearing your brain.  
Yoga can be used for many things... it can humbling, it can be physical... you can use it for training... for mental state... it can help with nearly anything.  I say that to people and it sounds so vague and generic,  they may think I just don't have anything better or think I'm just selling a class... but it really can.
I do think you have to be in a comfortable environment.  I'm comfortable with irony, its funny to me.  My little ego finds entertainment in being a 260lb tattoo'd guerrilla with a tank top, moving in a room with 50 other people, 99% women, just pouring sweat... the same sweat.  And again, that's one of the points... the erase boundaries, whether real or imagined.  
So when I say certain things in class, I really hope its never taken as some "know it all, douche," up there spitting his stupid yoga crap.... its kinda one of the only places, I'm comfortable to say these things (other than when I work with teams).  I don't know why.  Maybe I'm reading you're looking open to it.  Maybe because I know what the flow can do.  And when I say yoga can do everything for you, I mean it.  Its a drug.  and its free.  you don't need a prescription.  
Trust me, there was a day... a phase in time, where I had an ark of issues, two of everything... some im still managing (arent we all?) and i can say with 100% confidence that it was yoga that helped me handle it, accept it, manage it, work through it... release.  i remember when I was in one of my first classes, the music, the intensity, the words the instructor said at the right time... just crushed me.  I went to childs pose and cried.  no clue why.  And i didnt mind or care... I was so sweaty, I wasnt worried about anyone seeing plus I dont think anyone really cared.  it happens to a lot of people.  
So dont be worried in these classes to do something perfect or wrong... not deep enough or too fast or slow... whatever... all I'll ever ask is that you take moments to witness things that happen, inside and out.  
Have you learned that muscles store energy?  And that we can carry emotions in certain muscles?
Ok, when tense and stressed, why do your traps and neck get tight, cramp or hurt?
So then I'm thinking... We all have these different forms of how we like to move and exercise.  Some of us are power lifters, some love Pure Barre, some run, some yoga, some body build, etc.  People ask "what should I do?"  Trainer J says "Welp, what are your goals?"  But the real guy thinks "What do you want to do?"  Because your body already know whats best.  Its built inside of us.  
Yes, we now have information and scientific study explaining how to achieve goal A and then B and C... but, so what?
Yesterday, I had a plan to workout around noon or so and I felt ready to roll.  But when the time came around, I looked around the gym and it just looked boring and redundant.  So I went home and gave it some time, did some things around the house and it hit me "Lets see who's teaching in the area," and I went and found a yoga class and it was amazing.  
Now, this log isn't about yoga... sort of.  

Today, I was starting my session and my plan sounded great, I was pretty excited to get it going.  I had my Explosions in the Sky in my Pod for warm up and then Pearl Jam ready for when I needed them... then I look over and see a girl running on a treadmill and it hit me again.  Obviously, I wasn't looking at her oddly, but I thought "she's running so easy, so smooth... she was born to do that."  Ever see people like that?  Where they're just doing what they love and because of that, their body takes care of itself... there's no battle between "do this, not that," and a bunch over used information in crappy magazines.  she came in, ran really well, hit some core and out. 
So next time you're in and wondering what to do, do what feels good.  Its already in our primal mind, we're built to move, run, jump, lift, stretch, sweat, breathe.   We're supposed to be dynamic, physically, while evolving in every way possible.  To be as complete as we can, naturally and whatever happens, happens.

Ask yourself, at work, at the gym, home, wherever you are... is this helping me or hurting me?  

Problem is... we're distracted.  Phones and television, bills and money, war and conflict.... what do they have in common?  Man made.  

Just like I said yoga is a drug, there are ways.  How can we dissolve the borders and lines and labels in our head?  
More on that later

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