Monday, June 15, 2015

Let it be... random

"If 1000 things are on your mind, write about 1000 things.

Someone asked for a program, I gave it.  i wrote it out and sent it away.  Then I tried to write how to actually do it and this was a sticking point.  Too much of it is mental.  I can write it all day, but if you dont know how to feel it, how to fight through the tough spots, it'll be very average.  
Theres no magic in my programming, just science and intensity.


I still look around gyms and cringe at the form I see... crazy squats with knees all over the place.  Just ask for some help with form.


My own progress... well, I wound up stumbling upon a different map along my path to the goal I set out in January.  I did not reach my 50lb loss, yet.  Only about 23/24.  Mainly because my goal changed in the middle of the plan, and it changed for a very good reason.  When I set out in Jan, because of back and foot issues, I knew my cardio needed to be smart and my diet with little room for error.  But then I met Audrey and she offered up a little barter deal, which landed me on her massage table.  Prior to this event, you couldve seen me wincing in pain to pic things up off the floor let alone squatting w a bar on my back or dead lifting.  After this one session, nearly zero pain with movement.  So I hit the squat rack to see what would happen.  What happened was a new program and new goals.  For the first time in years, probably 10+, my squat is heavier than my bench and my bench doesnt suck.  My squat was embarassing, if you cared what people squat, 225 was about it and right around 8 reps, where my bench was 225 for mid-high 20's.  Within 8 weeks, the squat is in the mid-upper 300's and able to touch 3-5 reps with pretty decent depth.  My butt isnt going below my knees, but right around or just a tad above. 
Kelly Starrets distraction stretches are very helpful as well.  It usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to warm everything up enough to the point where I feel confident getting after it.  Regardless, I'm able to lift heavy again, and this is what I enjoy doing.  So my goal changed a little.  I'll still lose the next 25 but not inthe time frame, I dont think I could now.  the weight loss has slowed dramatically with the new weight program.  I've stopped full body circuits and replaced them w 2 different leg days and two upper body days, and none of it is based on the day of the week but a rotation of 4 days.  So hitting squats twice in one week can happen, which is fine.  Thats become my new obsession.   I badly want to see 4 plates on each side of the bar.


I recommend massages w Audrey, acupuncture w Jared and yoga by yourself.


I'm still amazed by the human ego... why it exists or why people ignore it, are ruled by it, and let it hurt.  I see people, I watch their behavior, listen to their rumors... and i start day dreaming about the things that can help to stop looking at life the way they do.  Too much pain.  Not enough help.  People are busy and walk around staring at their phones or worrying about their life.  People think things are great now, but they're not.  Our lives are too fast.  The way we live them.  Job to job, fast food lives, running around with wild schedules, living above our means, with very little "you," time to actually stop and notice change.  
That was one thing I found in yoga... I used to snag a very particular spot.  Where very few people would pass me and I was near an exit so I could leave quickly.  But in this spot, was a view of a tree.  in the tree, I'd find an odd ball branch and the furthest leaf.  Over time, that became my focus point.  As seasons would change, the leaves changing colors and then dropping off, then coming back, it remained my focus point.  Stability in change.  
The recommendations I listed above, can help you.  Why did I list those?
They all have something in common.... I think it can help you get in touch with your body, to remind you to take care of yourself, to remind you how fragile it all is.  That we are all just organisms that will eventually die just like the plants in your garden.  Our bodies will expire. 

I wrote yoga alone because I think yoga in this area and probably throughout the US, has been kidnapped by businesses, stay at home moms, and trendy wannabes.  The value has been watered down.
"Hey, dont be a judgey dick!"
I'm not Buddha.  
If there is someone running a free or "donation," session on the beach or in a park, yes.  Studios w a woman who can't relate to 80% of the people in class? No.
They said "it's ok to make a living."
Not off this.


I don't care much about Caitlyn Jenner's decision, but she doesn't deserve the Arthur Ashe award.  I personally know 20+ people that show more courage on a daily basis with their career choice than her.  I have friends that are police and fire.  they literally risk their lives on every single call, every car that's pulled over, every crime they investigate, every home they enter, some dangerous could happen.  We take that courage for granted.  A 65 yr old, multi-millionaire transitioning from male to female to hide away in his mansion for the last decade or so of his life.... courageous?  ok.  Comparable to what I listed above?  No.  Compared to past winners?  No chance.  Google Jim Valvano, Loretta Claiborne, Dewey Bozella, Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, Pat Tillman, and Nelson Mandela.  Stop right there... Nelson Mandela and Caitlyn Jenner now have something in common.
Is this real life?  


Speaking of real life...
Did you know there's more African Americans in jail right now for non-violent crimes than there were slaves?
"Non-violent crimes? So they're drug dealers!"
And first time offenders.
Of selling a "drug," that's been legalized in... how many states now?  And on Ohio's ballot this fall.  Pay attention to what you're voting for. 
Want to see better schools?
Want to see lower taxes?
Want to actually see a government with a gram of common sense?


Be nice.  Some times people make it hard.  Be nice anyway.

I heard someone reference "internal inventory," and on my 50 minute drive to work, made me think...
And then in the float tank, it made me day dream...
Internal inventory... what we have inside.  Made me think of ourselves like a video game avatar.  
"Oooh, my intelligence is only a 63, my looks are a 42, but my bald head is an 88.  how can I drive up some ratings?  A couple tattoos?  Ok... damn, only a 46 and lost 500 credits!  bad idea there..."
Actually alot more than 500 credits over the years :)

I do think this little exercise has some value.  To objectively look at certain aspects of who we are (tricky question in itself), and analyze and maybe think about improvements.  Doesn't even have to be a paper goal like "get a degree, because then I'll be smarter!" but something like "be nicer to people."
Ever play the Sims?  And in the game, you could compliment someone and you'd see their mood rise and your relationship would boost.  Is there something wrong with using the same thought in real life?


And now... pictures I like....


EW!  I just like the character, ok?
Catching some wind

Mean muggin, ready for football season

Could it be a baby pic?
And my funny mom added the caption on it?

the day Abby insisted her face wash was in this section (notice the section?)

But she redeemed herself winning the Presidential Award at school

Zeus is also a Fallon fan (and doesn't like people on their phones during TV time)

Brave kids

Went back up for the first time in a while... Never wrote about it.  Still cant.
I lost something a few years ago...  Not sure what it was or where to find it.
Here?  I only saw skeletons.  Every block I walked was a reminder of what once was.
Every block was a reminder of the man that built an entire city and college.
And I don't think that's an exaggeration.  Would Penn State have been?  Sure.
What it have become what it was?  Not a chance.
"Eh, you're an obsessed fan, wtf do you know?"
2 things.
#1, I studied the man, read every book and article I could ever find.  I watched his walk, how and why he cuffed his pants.  Why the shoes.  Why the "no beard," policy.  Watched every piece of film I ever could.  I was always so scared I 'd find the flaw, but I never did.  So scared they'd eventually go down for cheating on test scores or steroids or covering up a crime, but he never did.  People thought his simplicity was BS but it never was.  I tried to watch a documentary on NetFlix recently but couldn't get past the first 60 seconds because there he was, talking about how nice it is to see people getting together for a football game.  Just a game.  If you studied him, you'd see, he never knew what he actually was.  He thought he was just a guy, just a dad and husband, just a coach and he never saw what we saw.
Win or lose, he never let me down.
Even when I thought he was guilty, something deep inside told me, "No way. Not Joe. He cant."
And in reading since more of the story has come to light, his innocence has been proven.

The second thing I know... every time you make a dumb joke, I'm daydreaming about hurting you :)
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