Tuesday, August 11, 2015

HEY!! You've got to hide your love away...

Had that song in my head... and this blog is the exact opposite.


Unfortunately, I spend a bit too much time driving.  Actually, the unfortunate part of this situation is that too much of that time is spent wondering what the fuck is wrong with people.  I should be appreciating the scenery, listening to a podcast or music, but no.  Somehow my thoughts are wrapped around trying to nail down the year, decade or generation where it all went to shit, because yes, it is.  (Uh oh, the cynical douche bag is here today).

Can we do like everything else and blame the media?
When celebrity gossip is a top headline, it makes you wonder if this is reality or a wicked acid trip.  "Who will ever believe what Kim and Kanye named their next kid?!?!"    Who has two thumbs and give zero shits?  ...you know the rest...

Maybe it's technology?
Maybe all of our training we've had, staring down with bloodshot, watered eyes has turned us into anti-social zombie, crack heads, looking to get our next "fix," on whatever knew gadget or app pops out to us next.   Kids dont know what commercials are, or a library.  The Dewey Decimal system is long dead, and cursive is coming up next on the endangered list.   As Morrison screamed, "We want the world and we want it NOW!"

Or maybe this just the path we've been riding for the past 20 years and we've created a world around us that suits our greedy, selfish needs.  People don't hold or open doors, say "have a nice day," or are friendly just to be friendly.  People take, do they give?

Can we blame Chuck for not being a role model?
Pop culture is certainly partly responsible.  But I think its circular... the media let guys like Muhammad Ali fade away, "Service to people is your rent to earth."  Who talks like that now?  No one.  It's all about the money, being in commercials and being cool.

Maybe being cool is the problem.  Everything has to look cool.  Appearing to have effort and trying, nah.  Kids now, athletes, they need to look smooth and effortless.  Sweating, screaming and passion?  I still think that died in the late 90's.   My glowing example of this is comparing MJ to LeBron.  MJ would fight teammates for not working hard enough and keeping up with him. LeBron... pretty sure they're distracted with their instagram selfies.

Personally, I feel I've made strong effort to break off anyone and anything that serves my world negatively.  If you're positive, open minded, you're in.  If you're a close minded, conservative, control freak, you're out.  Right?  Wrong?  It's energy.  I can't operate fully with mood sucking, energy draining, life leaches around me, so right now, there are none... but I see you.  

Yes, I believe the world has changed for the worse and we will continue to ride this curve, as a human race.
Unless something truly world rattling takes place, we will continue to slide down and away.  Down a darker, lonelier hole and away from human touch.

All you can do, is be open... Honest... Clear the trash from your head... Clear the history... Let the damage and the scars be part of a cool story, of a survivor... And create your own pocket of positive energy and absorb everything around and try to infect them w your energy, your light and work to keep it brighter and hotter than the anti-,and be a nucleus and spread it all as far as you can as long as you can... Until you burn out or fade away...

This Is Blue Chip