Thursday, August 13, 2015

Power Room kept me awake...

... it was around 1:30 and then I think again around 3 or 4... I was laying awake thinking about something I posted:
"This yoga isn't advanced."
"My yoga cert is better than..."
"The yoga at _____ is more recognizable."

Thank you!!! ...
Thank you to nearly every yoga instructor I've ever met (probably 85%), for turning your "non judging," atmosphere into a high school cafeteria all over again.

The top part in quotes, I've heard it too much.  Judging.  Someone posted a pic of a handstand and immediately, people jumped on it "that's too much for my studio," and "wow, you're really good."  So I panicked and ran to my "yoga books," searching for the rankings!  I couldn't find them anywhere.  Then I googled "yoga pose ratings," and couldn't find it there either. 
Lastly, I searched other studios... and there it was, examples of the ratings and judges right there, on the mat.
People ask "Where'd you get your cert?"
I bought a piece of paper, same as the others.  Mine was much cheaper though.
"But where'd you learn anything?"
From doing.


They say "can you run that program again?"
I don't know what we did the first time, so I don't know how to make it happen again.
"But it was a program...just run it again."
 it was really a collection of things I do, things I've experienced to help me along... ideas and books, programs, moments... Getting you to run at Squires Castle, the beach, the park isn't a program I want to run right now.

The things I said and did over our time together wasn't planned, so I don't know how to repeat it. I've been asked to bring the Power Room on Tyler back and its not happening.  We caught luck there.  We caught a sweet moment in time, hit it out of the park and that was it.... anything we could've done moving fwd past that would've been calculated and that's where I would've fizzled out.

If it's natural and organic, its hard to repeat.  I wonder how yoga instructors last so long.  For me, its too personal.  I have moments in time where I have the energy to rip off 4-8 classes over a couple months then I need a break.  If the room isn't right, if the people aren't open and putting in the effort, it drains me even faster.  Too often, I've been the energy, and it zaps me very quickly.  Which is where I see the troubles with the finances.  Money or no money, free or $100/class, its an energy that cant be faked.  I've left too many rooms thinking/saying "that wasn't right," and someone would say "huh?  that was rough..."  Might've been rough, but it wasn't right


I believe everything great comes from organic energy.  A natural explosion of just the right amount of effort, awareness, and love. 

This Is Blue Chip