Sunday, March 13, 2016

McGregor v Diaz; Our Own Skill Set; and Why I Don't Vote

I only feel the need to comment on the fight because so many others on my feed did, nearly all completely inaccurate.
If you don't follow fighting, you may still find this interesting on a competitive level.  Also if you don't follow fighting, your nuts.
Last Saturday, Conor McGregor (145er fighting at 170lbs) was choked out by Nate Diaz (Vegan-ish) in the 2nd round of a UFC fight.
Nor the weight referenced or the vegan lifestyle had anything to do with it.  Yes, Conor was 25lbs heavier than usual, and it mattered only in 1 regard (and remember, Conor might weigh in at the usual 145 but he and others can get to 160+ within 24 hours of that weigh in).
Conor threw a BUNCH of huge shots that missed or barely connected.  Because of that he gassed, not because he was heavier, but because he threw more punches than previously and completely underestimated Nate Diaz.  Conor underestimated Nates reach and his skills.  No excuses for the weight jump, many of them have the ability and knowledge to bounce around with a few classes.  He's a phenomenal athlete who knows how to use his body, and has the top trainers and nutritionists in the business, he lost because Nate is better.


In the past, on the blog and in real life, to myself and others, I've been hard and judgmental.
Something hit me recently...  Where before, I saw people as "underachievers," or just doing enough to get by, I saw it the exact opposite.  I sat in a place and watched and thought "Everyone is doing the best they can."
Life gets hard, right?  Days and weeks zip past real fast.  Boom, boom, boom and we're nearly into spring and summer and it'll fly by and it's 2017 already.  So life can zap you threw a time warp sometimes.  My kids are 11 and 9 and they say things to me that make me think "weren't you just 5 and 3 a couple weeks ago?  Now you're mini adults."  So you see time ripping past you and you start to see the picture of life you've created (creating).
And we can be judgy assholes, to ourselves and others, or we can go holy shit, I'm creating something pretty awesome here, and that awesome thing is our picture, our story, our life.
Obviously, the flip side is I CAN DO MORE grrr, but we dont have to flip the coin.  We can keep it on this side and stay with:
She's doing the best she can...
He's helping as much as he can...
They're performing as well as they can...
They're making the most out what they have...
They're trying their best.

They're managing with their skill set.
We are not all created equal.  Genetics play an enormous role.  So does environment, role models, life experiences, opportunities, etc.   Some people are great at x, others at y.  And as we can use the x and y variable, put that into a real life structure or a family structure.
Point is, life is a bitch.  Some people are resilient and can grind and battle through tough shit, some people cant.  It doesn't make one better than another, it makes them different.  The resilient warrior through life might be a tough SOB but they might not know how to handle some basic things in life and thats where person z is needed.  And person z might suck at a particular skill and need person g, and on and on we go.

I think it comes down to acceptance.
And being more mindful to not be a judgy douche.
To ourselves included.


Almost time to vote, yippedy yah!  We're all going to post who our President will be and hate on anyone else!!!
Two things to know:
A) Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal.
B) Donald Trump is just a complete bullshit artist.

 My analogy is this:  Browns suck, clearly.  But as long as the stadium is sold out, do you really think Haslem gives a shit?  Nope, money is money.  But imagine if season ticket sales went down the tubes and people stopped tailgating.
Then they'd notice and have to change.

What if we boycotted the election?
What if no one showed up to vote for these clowns?

Look at our choices.  Is this really the best of the best?  Is this really who we feel is going to improve our country?
I dont need to echo all the radio commercials, just step back and look objectively.  These people are completely out of touch, this is an ego stroke for them and they're all nuts.

Imagine you're in some rebel group off in bfe and you're sitting in a hut, polishing a rocket and on comes the news... DONALD TRUMP IS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!  Well, that just solidified our plans for the next 4 years, no?

I'm not going to movies because there's nothing good to see or pay for just as I definitely am not voting this year because there is no one to vote for.  Show some actual candidates that represent the better aspects of our society and I'll vote one day.  We have these disgusting career politicians who make money... doing what?  What skill do they bring?   What experiences have they had to make them OUR GUY/GIRL.  Right?  We say "Thats my guy!" and "That's my girl!"
These are neither.

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