Thursday, June 9, 2016

If you see me quickly pull my phone out...

I'm probably pulling up my notes app and tying something to write about later.  Like this stuff:

I was at a gas station and a guy kinda cut me off, no big deal, people are rude, what are you going to do.  Most of the time, I awkwardly say "Oh go ahead," 5-10 seconds after they already went ahead.  This guy says "Lemegetapacka..." and mumbled something else.
Again, he walked to the counter and just blurted out "lemegetapacka."  Sound that out.  English translation = Let me get a pack of.  So "lemegetapacka," annoyed me enough, but there was no "hey, whats up man?" or "hows it going?" and obviously no "thanks, see ya," at the end.

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

I'm walking through a grocery store.  I'm making my down an aisle and a woman reaches up high to grab something, as she does, she pulls down a display area with kids bubbles and such hanging from a hook.  She looks back at me and laughs and just walks away.  I say "Oh dont worry, I'll get that for you," and pick it up.  She looks back and keeps it moving.  I definitely was not mistaken for an employee.  I wasnt pushing a cart and wearing  tank top.
how bizarre is that??  A grown woman, looked like she had some sense, just knocked a bunch of crap over and continued walking...
just another weird observation that makes me wonder if I'm on television.

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

ANOTHER grocery store story, this time I didnt clean anything up.
I'm walking through, I believe it was the weekend before the holiday, aisles were tight.  A woman pulls buns out of her cart and leaves them in the fridge area with the hot dogs and such.
huh?  how f'n lazy are you?

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

So it made me daydream about buying a very large area of land... 150 some acres and break it into 2 acre sections.  You cant buy it from me, but you can lease it under certain conditions.

A) You have to have a skill you can barter.  Obviously, I'll build a sweet bootcamp course on the land and offer that as my gift.  But you have to be a good cook, gardener, hair dresser, mechanic or something useful if you want to lease space.
A1) You cannot work more than 40 hours in the "real world."  40 hours is enough and you are needed in the community, just to be present.

B) You have to be nice.  Zero assholes allowed on my land.  Any assholeness is immediate termination of the lease, no questions asked.
B1)  no yelling
B2)  no violence
B3)  no negative talk

C) No real world nonsense will be permitted.  Any talk of celebrity gossip, politics, or scandals must remain inside your house.  My land, my rules, and they are just distractions.  Those topics bring out a side of people I try to hide from.

D) One mandatory community dinner every month... just for the hell of it, and you MUST drink.  Not sure if I fully trust someone who cant handle a buzz appropriately.
D1) One mandatory community fire per month, I run the music.
D2) One mandatory community yoga class... same as above, I run the music.
D3) One mandatory round table discussion on the meaning of life.

E) Any behavior you may witness at a Wal-Mart, county fair or political rally is strictly prohibited.

F) You must make one mix-tape per year to share with a neighbor.

G) Every Sunday, we will discuss a different religion, just for fun.  Everyone is free to practice what they like, but everyone must learn about one they know little about.

H) We will only watch NBA games from the 90's.

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

I'm checking out at Heinens on Sushi Wednesday.  Cashier says "Is that a yoga tattoo?" and of course, I get weird.

"Yes," and i explain the reasoning of the speakers next to the symbol, I very rarely tell the truth about this (or any others).
She tells me how shes been trying to work it into her life every day and how much better she feels... so this breaks the ice and I talk.  She said something like "something about it... I feel people would be nicer if they all tried yoga more," and shes a newbie.  (I hope she doesnt get brain washed)  She also said its made her, somehow, stop playing with her phone, that its made her much more comfortable just sitting in silence, which to me sounds like a vacation.
Thats all.  Just a super nice encounter.  I did tell her I used to teach and she reacted how most people do "YOU?"
Buddha wasnt exactly a skinny Lulu girl, you know?

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

Anyone else kinda dislike court-side fans?  Its bothered me for 20 years.  You watch a basketball game, court-side and what do you see?  Pretty blondes, old white guys, maybe some little kids.  Right?  Maybe I'm being prejudice here, but for some reason, the instagram models dont really look like die hard fans who deserve to be sitting court-side.

And speaking of prejudice and racism (get what I just did?) that kid that was let off with 6 months for raping the passed out girl... 100% racist and if you dont think so, you're probably racist.  People who think stuff like that isnt racially motivated, at least to large degree, are lying or blind, and both are dangerous.  If that was a black kid, he would've gotten 20 years easy.

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

However you are voting, in 2 years you'll be embarrassed for being so committed to them/him/her.  I have zero faith in our government or their procedures.  How many million people live here?  Hillary and Donald are it??  A career criminal vs a clown.

So I pulled out my phone and wrote about it to remember for this.

I'll never understand why people talk to me about the things they do, but I dont question it anymore.  It did make me write this after a talk:
Who we are.  Identity false.  Does the ego hold us back.
I wrote that after a conversation w a friend who is having troubles with their "path."  This person is very caught up in the momentum of the wave they've been riding but they dont want to continue, yet they do.  "I may not know what to do without this," and thats scary.
2016 is scary.  Everything is ripping past us, technology has catapulted us into the weird space where information is shared instantly and nothing is private.  Who we are, has become a facebook status and how we're valued is measured in "likes," or views (you people better start liking my damn videos! ha).
If they floor falls out, if our bank accts are drained, if we have no social media, no way of communicating this particular persona, who are you?
If you're left alone to recreate from scratch, who are you?
If you are rock f'n bottom, no friends, nothing.  What would you do?  Who would you become?
Are you already there?
Or are you living the ego out?

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