Sunday, November 20, 2016

3 in

I attended mentor high schools graduation ceremony last year, and as it was going on, I paused to day dream how cool it would be to speak and what would I say.   I remember thinking of words like preparation, patience and perseverance... because I thought it was cool to have three P words.

But I've rewritten my speech and although those three P's could be used and would still be nice and useful, there would be an addition. 

If I could tell "kids," one thing right now, it would probably be to NOT do what they're thinking about doing.

(Get the quotes?)

Do NOT do that thing you're about to go and do.  

All the things your teachers, parents, friends say.. all those things you're supposed to be doing.  Don't do that.  

Don't do it UNLESS it gives you goosebumps.  

Don't do it unless your obsessed and it's the only thing you day dream about.  

Does this make sense?  

Otherwise, you're just riding a wave of momentum that's been built by a bunch of people who were riding someone else's momentum... and you're not an individual, you're now an extension.   Your just a guy or girl grabbing a torch from someone who didn't know wtf they were doing anyway, and you're just continuing along that track.  

It's not your track, it's not your path, and you do not have to ride that wave. 

Obviously, you should know by now I work with young guys, 15-18 year olds, so this might read in a way that scares a parent. 

And I'm old-ish, I've had some unique experiences, I've been a great people watcher and I've studied.  I've seen young people make decisions on marriage and school and ______, and I've thought "hmm that'll be a learning experience."

And I don't have those thoughts from arrogance but from failures and life experiences.  I've failed, I've seen failure, so I've grown and I've learnt somethings (that was humor). 

-make sure you've read the past two blogs to help keep this one in proper context-

We are born into this... odds are, our beginnings weren't very different.  Suburbs or wherever, probably somewhat near me, state-wise.  

And we heard about our grades, and sports or band or something like that, and then we got a little older and things started to develop socially.  You know we got to our teens and there we learned some things there and started attempting to develop an identity.... but we really had no role models.  

We had people telling us the basic a-b-c's of life and we can't blame them, they only knew those a-b-c's.  

Go to college now. 

Then get a job. 

Then get married. 

Then buy a house. 

Then have some kids. 

Then.... whateverthefuck, right?

I think you're lying if you didn't think there was an order.  I did.  

But now I see all these things to do, anything and everything, and there isn't an order.  

Because life is actually chaos. 

So back to the 3 P's.




You have to be prepared... you have to be patient to stick to something... and when it gets hard, that's when you need to dig your heels in and be ready for the battle. 

But know, the outcome is not designed by you. You barely have any control.  The only thing you can control is your absolute here and now.  Your literal HERE and NOW.  

That's it.  Tomorrow is definitely not promised.  Nothing about it is.  

But you can influence it.  You can create the curve.  You can influence your "tribe," and environment.  You don't have to work or live in a negative environment, that causes pain or stress.  You can choose to move and find something new, a new vibe or flavor, one that fits your soul and you'll know it when you see it, you'll feel it and it will ring "home."

Do not quit until you arrive.


Be patient. 


Be ready to know it when you find or it finds you. 

Don't be surprised by easy successes.  

When your soul is home, success will grow all around you.  Life will become effortless yet full of ambition and positive vibrations.  

You cannot settle for THEIR story, you HAVE write your own. 

Otherwise you'll be 73 years old, with nothing but memories of mortgage payments, heating bills, and stress.

Travel.  Meet people.  Experience cultures.  Dive in. Drink life.  Don't lock yourself into one place, one job, one anything.  

This ride is so much shorter than you know, than some will acknowledge, go after everything with passion and every ounce of energy in you soul. 

This Is Blue Chip