Sunday, November 13, 2016

90 West

If you're over... 30?  32 maybe?
You had, were given or made mix tapes.
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In the late 90's - 2002ish, I was delivering auto parts, driving from Mentor to Akron to Toledo daily/weekly, and everything in between.   Loved it.  Best job I've ever had.  Just cruising in this van with nothing but a box of cassette tapes (after the Howard Stern show ended around 10:30am).

I "found," a tape, I think it was titled "The Plan."
On it, was pretty much everything on this list.  If you're an indie fan, you'll enjoy most of this.  If you like music, you'll enjoy most of this.  I know a couple are cheesy, but... nostalgia got me on a couple of these.
Listening to it right now actually...
Song 3, Modest Mouse, "Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset."
I could listen to this everyday... .I love the guitar... So simple, so direct, so sweet.  Something about that sound that dissolves.  Their new tunes are nice but their old stuff is just so honest and... better.

Song 7... Elliot Smith was a gem.

Song 12... Another wicked guitar piece that tells its own story.

If the blog site doesnt work correctly, heres a direct link to the playlist: HERE

This Is Blue Chip