Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Blue Room & Goals

When I was young, I rented a room in a friends house.  Excellent friends.
It was a corner room, so there were two total windows on two different walls, producing a very nice breeze throughout the room and the second floor, when I had the door open.  It wasn't a large room, big enough for my bed, a dresser and I had a very small entertainment center that held my stereo, next to that were two over-sized floor speakers that I bought with the first dollars I recvd from a paper route as a kid (which I still have almost 25 years later).
On one wall, was a collage of posters and rolling stone clips from my favorite bands, covered from top to bottom, left to right.  Pearl Jam, Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Radiohead, etc.
Every other wall was painted sky blue.

It was probably the comfortable cross breeze and soft carpet but I like to think it was the music that attracted visitors to enter and stay... maybe it was the incense.  They'd sit, we'd open drinks, let the music play and talk all night.  Sometimes it was about the music, most times it was about something the music inspired.  Growing up, trying to figure it out, talking it out... I don't remember anyone playing a role in that room, it was just happening.

Unfortunately, I rarely let anyone control the music.  Ever see the Jack Black character in High Fidelity?  I have a bit of this in me, aka music snob.
Which in hindsight, was ok.  Not many people around me listened to the music I did, especially the females.  But a few male friends were with me and we'd try to impress each other with rare finds of live versions or bootlegs of rarely played songs.
So if you know The Smiths, The Cure, and Morrisey, then mix in The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi and Dylan, then add what was popular at the time (listed above), you could see how conversation transpired... and then let the imagination float on.

My Blue Room is the title of this new page on the site, dedicated to playlists w intent.  Remember when we used to do that?  We'd make a mixtape for a particular occasion or to share tunes with friends.  This was back when I had a job delivering car parts, driving from Willloughby to Akron to Port Clinton with a card board box next to me w 100 different cassette tapes, all labeled something obscure and random, but the title always fit whatever was on it.

Hope you check it out and find something on there you can enjoy from time to time.


You plant a tomato plant.  You choose healthy dirt, and protect it.  You water and take care of it.  In time, it produces tomatoes.
Don't be disappointed with your growth.  It takes time.  All the yelling and frustration you can muster wont make the results come any faster.  Enjoy the ride, enjoy the process.
You've all heard, "The journey is the reward," and we get older, it rings more true.
I was thinking today while leaving the gym "I'm still results driven, but more than that, I want a feeling."  My training is just as much stress relief and a general release as it is towards the actual physical goal.

And when I think about my goal list... it's transformed massively over the past 2 years.  Where it was once loaded with "buy this," or "make x money," it's now filled with places to go, things to do, that I feel will inspire a new avenue or a possible experience that will give me particular insights.

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