Friday, December 23, 2016

Get Some

Imagine it's a TV show, right?  It's a sci-fi... no, it's a sci-fi/comedy/tragedy/indie flick... and you're the star.
And we're on this enormous rocket of sorts... a great round rocket, flying through outer-space.  And we're on this journey towards another place, cruising at thousands of miles per second, not entirely sure we'll make it with our fuel and everything else on board.  We know its out there, we have faith we'll find it, but we just dont know for sure.
Things happen, right?  People on the rocket fight or get along, its wild.  Sometimes its all good, sometimes its chaos.  An occasional meteor skips past us and "Whew, close call."  Every now and then, some wild man tries to take over the rocket and screw us all over, but good always prevails at the end of the episode.
Then you have that one scene... the big moment.. and you forget your line.
Producer comes in "CUT CUT CUT! You F'd that all up, do it again!"

All of that is a true story, except the producer part. There are very few second takes here and no one is popping to save your ass if you're not ready.

This is life.
And life is like a coach, loaded with lessons and coaching moments to pay attention to.  Sometimes in coaching, the "player," is resistant.  A player can sign up for game or sport, they want to play, but they don't want the coaching.  They think they know a better way.  This is life.  Very rarely, does a player behave this way, resistant, and turn out being right.  This is the point of the coach (life).  To show the lessons, to highlight a path, the player must see it, understand it and trust the path.  The coach can even let the player fail, to learn the lesson.  If the player doesn't learn, it will be retaught again.  And again, and again, until the player learns the lesson, learns the way and trusts the path.
All in all, the player cannot move forward to D, E,  and F, until the ABC's are learned, understood and mastered.  If player cannot handle the basics, they certainly are not equipped to move on and handle anything bigger or more complex.
The path that is referred to is your intuition.  This is what life is trying to shine light on.  How many times have you been questioned or in a situation and you knew the answer, but some goofy voice steered you elsewhere?  And when it was said and done, you thought "sob... I knew the answer, I just didnt trust myself."   So how do you know it when it speaks to you?  How do you know the difference between intuition and desire or greed, intuition from want?  Or intuition vs fear and safety or comfort?  Even intuition vs what looks like the obvious answer?  Sometimes the answers are right there but we question it.  Right?  We really like laying in bed with comfy sheets and pillows, but not much happens there... well, you know what I mean.  We have to get up.  So that voice that says "Hit the snooze," he's a lazy shit voice.  Which is why its vital to wake up and move your body.  Wake up, breathe, move, stretch, get that computer out of sleep mode.
I've learned you can't tell people to "follow your instincts," if they don't know how to hear them or even know when they are communicating.

I believe this is a very gray area and one I'm still challenged with.... or my intuition is ker-aaaazy, as anything.  99% of the time, I feel very solid and comfortable with my intuition, but there is that 1% where that inner monkey wants out and now.  That monkey is a Jimi Hendrix, Dennis Rodman, Jim Morrison animal.  So I ask "Will this hurt myself?  Will this hurt anyone or anything else?"  If those questions are safe, I'm good to go.  

Movement is medicine for the soul.  Science will absolutely show you how x time with your heart rate at y will release some delicious feel good brain chemicals and give you that high or body buzz.  Doubt that? for a session or yoga class, anytime, I'll show you.  Now, I dont have the education to articulate the actual connections, but I know this because I've lived it.  I often reference or write about certain "therapies," and I roll them into one conversation for a couple different reasons.  
For your instincts and intuition to be on point more often than not, your brain must be awake and alive and active.... AND then it needs to reboot and flush out bullshit and learn new programs and reinstall a fresh anti-virus.

Just as life is coach, so are we.  The books we read, the shows we watch, the people we surround ourselves with... all coaches.  What can be learned?
Trust, empathy, love, pleasure, kindness, to be open minded, on and on.  Creativity, caring, etc.  But you have to be open to the coaching.  If you dont see it and learn it and feel it now, thats because you're not paying attention of maybe you need some better coaching.   Could be, I think thats honest.  Thinking of a football field, I've seen coach A fail with a guy and coach B succeed.  No ones fault at all, some people just learn differently.  Some prefer books, some documentaries, some a Jimi guitar solo.  
What you learn, how you see it, is completely up to you.  You can see this ride with yourself as a passenger or the driver, maybe both at times.

What I know is this.... never stop moving, thinking, listening, challenging yourself, sweating, loving, dancing, helping.  Life is a plant, a tree, with berries and fruits and many different flavors to be picked and sampled.  Say yes.
I'm 39 and still learning every single day.  I actually think I've accelerated greatly over the last 5-8 years.  In your 20's, you're kind of still cruising through that young momentum, pretty much following that path someone else sent you on.  Then you hit a little turbulence where you go "Oh shit... I didnt know _____," and traffic patterns change.  Then you're in your 30's trying to re-figure it out or figure out exactly what you're comfortable with or becoming, which why i tell young people to travel early, meet people, see things, school isnt going anywhere, none of it is.  Anything you want, will always be available.  If you want it and its right, it'll be there when you want it, how you need it (learn).  When you're in your 40's.... how the shit would I know?  But dont think for a second I'd say "When I'm 49, I'll be ______," because i'll be way off.  I might be running 6 gyms, I might own a yoga studio, I might be sitting in a jungle in South America, or maybe I wont be here at all.
All we have is NOW.  Tomorrow is a maybe.

(Want a free drug tip?  Sit in front of a laptop, with a blog app and Jimi blaring away... some wild shit might pop out.)

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