Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just Say Yes

When I'm feeling it, I pause and look around and wonder where the possibilities are.  They're here/there, always around.  But if you're staring at a phone or your feet or some troubles you're imagining for the future, you'll never see them floating right past you.
And then you'll never be exposed or open to new thoughts or a new idea, a new person or a new experience. You'll just keep circling around the same shitty momentum you're riding right now... a skip-skip-skipping record.  Blah.

I vote to say yes.  Whatever it is.  Next thing that pops up, tell that annoying little buzz kill voice to shut the hell up and say yes.  And don't question that decision.  Like riding the coaster... you got in line, you entered the car, your strapped in... no sense in questioning right or wrong now, better enjoy this and dive in.
Have a new experience.  Saying no, does what?  It just shuts off possibilities.  Saying yes, opens them up.  Saying no, ends the conversations, ends the opportunity of new, of learning and experiencing something unique.  Saying yes however, does the opposite.  Anything is possible in yes.  Zero is possible in no.
Think of it like the water hose in your yard.  No = no water, no fun.  We'll just sit and twiddle our thumbs.  Yes, however... imagination.  We can play in that, we can make believe and have fun.  We can fill up a pool or a slip n slide.  We can water grass or plants.  We might make a mess too, but we'll never know if we said no.  We might waste a lot of water, but we'd never know if we said no.  But we'll have fun and learn, right?  If we screw it up and flood the yard and waste it, we now know.  which is the opposite of... no.  
No doesn't know anything.  No just knows habit and fear of the unknown.

Heard Aubrey use this term, "pleasure monkeys," and I laughed because it reminded me of broken monkeys... thinking of ourselves as an evolved chimp is just more fitting than anything else.  But he was referring to all the "pleasure buttons," we have installed in us and how hard we work to say no to them.  To feel guilty about them.  A lot of us have been raised to feel guilty or fearful or weird about our pleasure buttons.  I know many people who are awkward in their own bodies and cant let that guard down, anywhere.  You'd be amazed.
Myself, about 80% of my life, I've been really ok saying fuck it and let it fly.  My moments or phases where I didnt, it was because I was living with fear.  Without fear, there's no no's.  Without fear of loss, fear of "without," without fear of death... there's perspective.  And its a wiggly route to find that view.  But you can... want to know where it is?  I wont write about it, but buy me a couple IPA's and probably right around #3, I'll tell you allllll about it.

If I stopped writing these bizarre thoughts, you might think everyone around you is "normal."
And normal us boooooooooring.
The crayola 8 color box sucks.
I want the 64 set.
And then melt a handful of them to create a brand new thing.

Nothing feels quite this good...
This thing is a damn animal.
I've found maybe 2-3 things in life that can even come 
close to entering this level of wow... 
You know... I wrote all those soul thoughts a bit ago and just wrote that last one...
and its kinda all along the same lines, right?  
Finding, accepting and then releasing the real you, right?
You get that part?
So I watch this... and I really don't see a human.  

This Is Blue Chip