Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick one (a story in progress and money)

I have a "client," (I'm still uncomfortable with that word.)
There's a new Blue Chip Member (I like that better) that I've been working w a for a few weeks now. We met and the hard part was already taken care of, she was committed. Often, getting someone to buy in and commit themselves to training is actually the hard part. But we met, we talked and she was ready to get after it.
Everything I said, she did. It starts w goal sheets and laying out the nutrition plan. Both were ready to go by session #2 plus she had an equally motivated training partner so a nice path was already in place.
We began to start the work and one week after another, success and success and great stories after another.
One day, I noticed her notebook that she keeps EVERYTHING in. She always has it but I never said anything about it. (Btw, I love notebooks and jotting down ideas and goals). So she was telling about a recent accomplishment and I referenced her notebook and said "You're going to have a great story to tell."
And it's not about the actual notebook, it's about her journey. Notebook or not, she's creating a great story.

Are you?
Are we creating great stories or watching?


I had another conversation recently about "business." Someone said "I hope you are making some money... I want you to stay motivated to continue."
It would've bad timing to say "money doesn't motivate me."
I know he didn't mean it as far as I took it but still.

People who are in this line of "work," and who operate with a true and honest intention, aren't motivated by money, status, size of the room, size of the company, size of the staff, size of the client base, it doesn't matter if there's 3 people or 80, a room that's 20x40 or 100x40, I could be at a park, the beach, a room in the middle of an old warehouse with volleyball noise all around :) or the 10th floor of a downtown office building... My heart is coming out in this next session. Money couldn't possibly make that happen.

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