Sunday, June 28, 2015

you clicked it... you really can only be mad at yourself.


Reality for some...
Its kinda like those old television sets you see in the movies... the two knobs with about 12 different setting to dial in on and the bunny ears on top.  You think it's a poor reception so you adjust it and slap the side, turning the knobs furiously... "uh... uh... its almost there... I got it!... dammit!"  just snow, and you might be able to catch every 3rd phrase... again, you think its a bad reception.


So uh, we've had some news lately, eh?  Just when the old farts wrapped their under-developed brains around Caitlyn Jenner...
A white woman faked being black and was in charge of the NAACP?  wha-wha-what?   "I identify as black."  This comment is just too much for me to wrap my brain around.  Is it possible?  I mean, if she really feels that way, then yes, it is reality.  Can we judge what race or sexuality or anything anyone "identifies," with?  Are we closing in on a weird line?
Coming from a guy who admittedly "identifies himself as an alien?"
Then puts his own words in quotes?
Reality is too entertaining for reality.


How about a scary story wrapped in a story about triumph of good and love over evil?
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same sex couple can marry in all 50 states.  Why this took so long to happen is absolutely mind blowing.  Oh ya, that whole "God said," stuff.  But besides that, since we are evolved enough to make good decisions, why did this take so long?  I'd imagine there was some financial advantage to keeping it illegal so why now?

Never mind... I don't care why or pretend to know the answers as to what the hold up was, I'm just extremely happy for everyone.  For some reason, I've always had an anti-bully, anti-douche bag, anti-asshole, anti-control freak program locked into my brain, so knowing this was illegal along with all the other shit that gays and minorities have dealt with far too long, really bothered and confused me.  Man-man, woman-woman, completely irrelevant to me.  People are people, love is love and there should be no law governing who can legally marry.

But then I scanned one of my social media feeds... and saw them.  Those disgusting, vial pigs, the cancer cells of our society.  Yes, the close minded, conservative, control freaks... and yes, in my feed 100% were old white men.
I know this because they posted "I'm white, straight and proud."  Thank "God," they posted this or I wouldn't have known from their profile pic of the them sitting in their Ford pick up drinking a Natty Light, flexing their 9" bicep with a mini confederate flag tattoo.  Were we supposed to be celebrating them again?  Were they upset they weren't at the parade?  I'm sure they would've been invited if they weren't such party poopers.
Maybe they have some deep hatred towards everything they're not, because they wish they were so much more than they are.

But then the fear settled in... I have two daughters.  What if they some day encounter these beasts along their path?  Knowing kids are born into a world where we have zombie-like hate creatures disguised as humans is terrifying!  On a level, we can teach kids to protect their brains from their close minded thinking.  But on the flip side, the beasts continue to breed... shit.  What a dilemma.  Can good and love continue to make strides fwd while leaving the Calvin pissing on Chevy bumper stickers behind?
The pessimist in me sees a beautiful painting coming together... then a bratty South Carolina kindergarten class comes along, trying to smear it with their muddin' fingers.  Until someone starts slapping these "youngsters," hands and putting them in time-out, I don't see it ending.
pst, that was a metaphor, i don't actually believe in physical behavior vs children.  But vs racist, homophobic, sexist, bigots?  I'm all for that.  
i can understand it you were raised a little backwards, that wouldn't be your fault.  But if you're an "adult," and haven't gotten your shit together with your prejudices and poor thinking, I really don't see what positive element you could possibly contribute to our society.
And if you're not here to contribute, why are you hear? 

Coincidentally, I wore this shirt to school in 1995.  I remember a teacher I looked up to looking at me disgusted and asked "Why would you wear that?"  At the time, I laughed him off, but from then on I knew who he was.  

This was the same teacher who told the class "Tattoos are a strong sign of lower class."
In his 50's, he still had plenty of growing up to do.

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