Thursday, May 4, 2017


I've touched on this a few times, one of those things that's lingered around my head a bit.  The Power Program.  I think a part of me felt that it was the entire goal, my goal, wrapped into one month.  And it had it all.  My process, my mission, and then their successes.  Every part of it clicked.
The mission of the program was to turn a mirror around on people, let them say hi, and then alter their vision.  I knew how to teach this, because I did it to myself.  I looked in the mirror and saw damage and pain and regret and unhappiness, but still had goals and optimism and hope.  So the program was designed to hit goals, yes, but most importantly it was designed to help you seek and find your inner power and then in that power, your peace.  To say "Its OK, here I am, lets do this," to whatever it might be.   To walk out of the program and know, with absolute confidence that whatever obstacle is thrown out there, you can handle it.  Not only handle it but even be honest enough in your own awareness that you might be an underdog.  This obstacle is a monster, the odds are long.... but its all good, lets do this.

I think I've accidentally taught that program more than I actually know.

I was in a coffee shop recently and ran into a friend from the gym.  A guy I always enjoy chatting with, he sparks thoughts and interesting topics.  I think he has a real entrepreneur spirit and a passion for self improvement, a common thread we share.  I don't remember exactly how we worked down the path but we got into life coaching and leadership situations, public speaking and such.  People have said some of these things to me before, but I blow it off, "Who?  ME?"

A few days prior to the coffee shop, I was killing time outside a building and someone who reads the blog approached and asked "Do you have plans to write a book?"  This is another question I blow off.  I delayed an answer and just said maybe.  "What would you write about it?" he asked and I immediately answered "Competitive leadership, to teach people to inspire people."  Its something I've thought about many times, with many rough drafts started.  Tough task and not for everyone.  Not to change directions of where I'm headed with the blog, but we've all been in situations where the one missing piece was the person to inspire... think about it.

So I posted something one day on an Instagram account, something to inspire,  A good friend of mine commented "#POWERFUL," and like a wave of ideas and energy, it hit me.  Nothing wild, something subtle.  But I thought what can I possibly do to inspire.  What can I do to help without being in your house, pumping you up while you're getting read for work? Or on your phone, or on your screen or in your gym?
I had an idea and shared it w someone.

I said  - Its kinda abstract... I think it'll be a consistent work to be molded and used.  To keep it simple, just T-Shirts.  But a few people approached me recently about my blog and coaching and life stuff and it got me thinking about a lot. About how to be more useful and helpful.  To inspire.  To inspire entrepreneurs to never give up, writers to start, teachers to keep learning, coaches to coach better, kids in school, parents to get off their asses, people to be better, nicer, more mindful.  I want you to put the shirt on and it makes you want to achieve the goal.  Or a project or yourself or call someone.
Whatever thought pops in your head, i want you to put on this #POWERFUL t or tank and you look in the mirror and its just "Lets do this."
By now, you know I don't care about sales or money or any this weird shit (I wrote all that yet refer to money as "weird shit."  It is), so this is not me trying to have the new cool local T.
This is the T I want to see when you're breaking your bench or squat record.
This is the tank I want to see while sweat is dripping off your brow in a Warrior 2, 40 minutes into a Vinyasa class.
This is the T I want to see you post a pic off after running 10 hill sprints.
I want to see a T under your shirt and tie, and rip it open like Superman after crushing the job interview.
I want to see this tank while you're putting in extra hours at the library, studying for that final.
... then I want to see this tank while you're just hanging with your family at a local fair, because that's power too.  Power to be a leader of a family, a positive contributor to society, a role model, the rock of whats most important to you.
You can exhaust yourself in whatever it is you do, in whatever way you can, its all relative.  But at the end of the day, you need to look in the mirror and know you gave it your best effort and that you'll be back to do it again in the morning.  Thats powerful.

You guys buy these shirts and tanks, i'll make $3 off them, 100% honest, I'll share the paperwork.  That basically covers my gas to go pick them up when you order one, about a 25 minute drive.  I want you to buy one because I want to see the tribe form.  I want to see a society, this society, our culture right here, of POWERFUL individuals making positive changes, everywhere they can.  You're not just a leader when the lights are on and everyones looking at you.  You're a leader 24/7/365 and you are needed.
So if you buy one, hit it on instagram and hashtag #powerfulbluechip and tag me so I can see them in action.  Put it on your facebook and tag me so I can see it.  Just for some fun.

The plan with future T's and tanks is to inspire.  Every month will be a new design, prices may fluctuate given graphics, but I will never up charge.
See below, all colors available per your request.  Sizes range from JS-XXXL.
Ladies Racerback
Ladies V-Neck (Not pictured)
Mens T
Mens 3/4 Sleeve
Purchase via: and in the notes section of check out, type your size and color.

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