Saturday, September 7, 2013

Last Exit

I believe there's a certain mindset you can tap into and in doing so, the limits are always unknown... because you've never been there and it constantly changes... imagine staring into a tripped out little room where the walls move and change colors and shapes... you know going in will be an experience unlike any other, but you're afraid.  Why?  The unknown.  (more on the fear of the unknown later)

The mindset is this... whatever it is you're about to do, its your last shot.  Its the last time you'll ever be able to do it.  Last (fill in the blank).
The advantage is, you know ahead of time that this is it.

Give it a minute and let that thought sink in... close your eyes after reading this paragraph... close your eyes and sit in a comfortable place and imagine what you love to do.... then imagine, the next opportunity to do it, will be the end... think of how you may do it differently.... close your eyes...

How did it feel?
What did you see?
Did you envision a different outcome than that has already happened in reality?
Did it make you excited to go do it because in reality, the odds are great you'll get more chances?
Do you believe in the "unlived," life?  The one where all your what ifs and no's became glorious YES's filled with success and celebration?

What if those celebrations and all the success you ever dreamed of were just on the other side of a wall of resistance?

Imagine you loooooove lifting in a certain weight room and the next time you enter, someone tells you "hey buddy, the gym is closing after your last set..."

You loooooove running a particular trail... but as you run, it disappears behind you, never to be used again. 

You loooooove playing with your team... but you only have 8 games left and zero second chances.

You loooooove (fill in the blank)... but you've run out of time and this will be the last.

Some people think this is a cryptic mindset, entering situations as if they could be the last...
Or maybe those who criticize are lazy thinkers or afraid to approach life with any intensity and passion.

I have two situations in front of me that are attached to clocks... a season and a career.  I was about to write "If I don't go full go..." but deleted from there, because my mind is already wired this way... there is no other speed or level, its full go.  
Example I don't mind sharing, I coach for a local high school team and I treat every season as if I wont be rehired.  Because of that thought, I have to pour out as much as possible, in a timely manner, over the next 8 weeks.  Do you know what that really entails?  This is a position I keep under the radar but hold at the highest point... I have the opportunity to pass along great lessons that were passed to me.  Me NOT passing them along would be a tremendous disservice to every single person that's ever known me, ever taught me anything, the kids, the parents, the staff, everyone.  

Point?  When there's something you love to do, when there's something in front of you of great importance... you don't hold back.  You don't wait for next time, the next game, the next play.  Its now.  
And its now with your heart on fire and tunnel vision.  There's zero chance of failing because when you push like that, and you're on a level they cant touch, there's no losing.    
You have a class to take and its important you ace this class, there's no second chance.... its now.
You have a career on the line and this is the last shot, there's no more second chances!  Its now or go home and don't come back.

Something I say to the guys during practice after they half-ass something "Was that a winning, dominating, Friday night effort?"  If not, wtf are we doing here?  (I don't say the 2nd part like that but i'm thinking it in my head.  

Why don't we?   
Why are we afraid of the unknown?
Maybe we're afraid of pouring it all out there and losing... Of going full go and finding out our full go isn't enough.... 

I'm not afraid of that... The full go is actually all I want and the outcome is irrelevant.

Does Eddie Vedder get up on stage and hum "Twinkle, Twinkle?" 
No, he doesn't.  Its a frock show and its here to rock.  
You're a human and you're here to live so start doing it every day.

This Is Blue Chip