Thursday, September 26, 2013


(Writing this from my phone app.  Please excuse any typos.)

I recently shared my little back issue and the hurdles and issues it created, then the "rehab," process (acupuncture).  Since that day, a little over 1 week ago, I've run about 15 total miles.  Not a lot but it is considering I wasn't able to run one 14 days ago and had zero miles the previous 2 months.
Now... It's all I want to do.  Obviously I can't be a dummy, I need to ease back in, change form a little and be careful w the back/hips to not slide backwards.  I've shortened my "stride," and more careful of how I plant and push.  (Btw, I placed stride in quotes because when your run is more of a mediocre home run trot... It's not much of a stride.  I have stumpy legs.). 
Anyway... During my runs, listening to a podcast or the new (and awesome) John Mayer album, I'm noticing things.  I used to run w the intention of hitting x amount of miles.  Now, I'm just running for enjoyment and literally enjoying it, big time.  My moderate pace, feels like a nice jog.  I'm running around the city just to run down streets I've never been on.  I'm doing at night because... Well, that's when I get home, but also, it's just prettier and quiet.  There aren't as many cars out... The sun is down, the stars are out and there's a calm in the neighborhoods. I'm appreciating the experience much more for just being a calm, simple, relaxing experience and break from the day... To just breathe and move. 

That's what's kinda funny about injuries or catching a little flu bug... You appreciate your health more.  Feeling good now, I want to be smart and take advantage, to not slip back.   To not take health for granted... And that means time as well, we all know it's limited and valuable.  
I meet people, able bodies... And they're in some lala land thinking their diets and lifestyle is going to keep them strong into their 40's, 50's and beyond... They'll figure it out.  

If you're reading this and not quite tapped into your "you," not quite plugged into those thoughts you have but not put the action to...  Think about it.  Think about your life, your goals, things you want to achieve or experience.... Go for walk and think and feel.  
Ask yourself why. 
Ask yourself what needs to happen to get it rolling.
It might be health related, it might be going back the school or moving out of your parents or anything.   
Goals are inside and they want out, they want to live too.  Let them out and experience it all.  
Inside is the artist of your life... Paint your picture with no fear.  

One day, this back injury may creep back and I'll regret NOT running.  

**Addition - last night at football, we end w some brief position mtgs and talk for a moment, I'm w the linebackers.  
I say "the seasons half over... Counting summer ball, we've been together about 7 weeks... We have 6+ a playoff run left.  Use this home stretch as motivation to want to work harder for and w each other.   Seniors, your run is coming to a close soon and the time will fly... Don't regret NOT working hard.  Underclassmen, this is a great opportunity to work w a unit like this... Enjoy the ride and give everything you can to the moment, to the team, for yourself and yor friends."
That's one of the beauties of a season, you know when it's coming to an end.   It forces you to appreciate the subtleties that much more.  Every day is loaded w unique experiences that won't happen again.  
The leaves start to change... The air smells different.., the sun goes down a little earlier everyday.  
Soon, it'll be winter and we'll wonder where another season went...

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