Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Carry On

We can sit back in the chair every now and then and take an inventory of sorts.  We can sit back, look around at our atmosphere, the life we're currently operating, what we've done, who we're with, who we have become, on and on.  We can become a witness to ourselves, separating ourselves from ourselves, to objectively analyze and ask the big questions... 
What are we really doing?
Where are we going?
What is this for?

I do not care to live a life based on bills and money, schedules and other unimportant items that humans have created value around to give meaning to time, society and their lives.  WE live lives near each other, could be sitting right next to me, but my brain operates elsewhere, targeting things of the abstract.  
Side note: This is why I've become very poor in social settings and random chit chat.  I can play the character for the moment, but it drains me and I have to find space and time to re-energize for thoughts that truly matter.   Please trust to read that as ego-less as possible, I know it is strange for most.   But this is also what helps me work to become a great trainer and coach, see below... 

What is important to me is optimization.  This is the space we share.  See, I do not really care to touch that ground and engage in random words unless there is a deeper, rewarding, finish.  I want to be changed and engage change, alter outcomes, strive for improvement big and small.  I want to grow and learn from you.  This is the exchange I value, not time for money.  

Over the last 20 months, I lost someone and gained everyone. 
And it happens everyday.  I lose and I find... 
Within that light I found corners of darkness to rest and recover.  To sit back in the chair and sit still, to reflect and take the inventory or my energy.  

I work to live by two opposing thoughts, a yin and yang of sorts, my own inner Tao that helps make sense of this world for me... 

1)  Life has its own hardness to overcome, one that we are not accustomed to anymore because has actually gotten very easy.  So easy in fact, we create situations in our heads to create a conflict where we can become "Heros."  
My advice to combat this:  Do hard shit every day of your life.   
The cubicle may present its own challenge, but your ass wasnt designed for cubicles.  Pack the running shoes and whatever gear you need for wherever you live and hit a trail.  
..... now, you just read that and thought "I live in northeast Ohio, its 30 degrees out, just rained yesterday," on and on.  Yes.   Which is why you should do it.  If you're interested in joining me, I'll be at Reeves Rd park tomorrow afternoon and I dont need to look at the weather, it doesn't matter.  
I understand trails may suck everyday and shoes get wet... so go workout.  
Stress your body,
Breathe deeply,
Question your own heart.
Wonder how tough you are.  

Watch how the glasses clear up when you lock into a zone... deadlines fade, stress seams insignificant, bills are just paper...

2) the flip side... dont take everything so serious.
Remember the brain we had when we were 4 and a pillow could have a name?  Our toy cars had personalities back yard jungle gyms doubled as forts.  There is a scene in Garden State where the two main characters are sitting on a bed and the woman says something to the effect of "do a silly dance," or make a funny sound, I dont remember exactly, but she pushed the boy to do something unique and silly.  Do that.  
Be immature.  Laugh when the dog farts.  Laugh at yourself when you do something silly.  Kick your friends foot.  Make up a voice for the baby and have her talk shit to the dogs.  
Start a blog.
A podcast.
Try to make motivational t-shirts
Read more
Play random games with kids
Study philosophy
Challenge all the things you think you already know and learn them all over again... what if you find out the person you were 15 minutes ago was wrong?
Because you do have freedom to change at any minute... be aware. 
Be the student.
Work w kids
Do things that keep you grounded in youthful energy and never, ever give a fuck when anyone thinks of you.  

People get so serious in situations where mindful decision making handles everything, yet emotions and egos run a muck... and I sit and think "look at these crazy ass monkeys... They would all be much happier if they would climb a few trees and throw poop at their buddy."

Santa asked me what I wanted for xmas.  I whispered "time."
24 hours isnt enough
7 days isnt enough

We are moving forward, please look to lock in on what is important in your heart and in your life.  

This Is Blue Chip