Saturday, February 2, 2019

State of Love and Trust

Amy saw the title and hit, so that means one person is here so I'll sit with you...


2 seasons ago, thing started off rocky.  We all had high hopes, but for one reason or another, it just wasn't coming together how we imagined.
1-4 through 5.
After loss #4 we met and had a conversation.  What happened within the following 72 hours, I dont know (but I hope to one day).
Whatever it was, it worked.  Because from that point, we went 5-0 and became the first team in school history to make the playoffs.  Can we say the O improved and did some nice things?  Absolutely  Can we say we had one badass mofo group off 11+ hitting the field for us on D?  Yup. 
But for me, and this is the ole romantic, thats not how it happened...

After the season, and I dont remember how long it took me to think of this, but I messaged a few of the guys and shared a thought as to how or why it happened. 
Love & Trust
Coaches always, allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays want to sit around fondle each other over x's and o's, blha blah blah, so there.
News flash:  its all the same shit prettied up in different outfits. 
Thats not where great teams win.  If it was all x's and o's and goofy ass speeches, you'd see better football games. 
They won because of love and trust, for and with each other. 


A friend and former boss text me asking how life was going, random chit chat.  We talk about work, life, kids, all of it.  I always appreciate when he reaches out, I think he knows I need it.  Somehow we got onto a topic of team work and culture.  I was in an odd mood and vented a little... I wrote "You know I operate in a weird zone... money has never motivated me.  Being good to people does it." and then went into how greatness for each other creates more greatness for each other.  It's logical.  it works.  Theres actual science and studies in this, this isnt my bullshit.  I know people like to say Im always on some woo woo shit but theres a reason they dismiss it... because its true and it badly rocks their sad, sinking boat they built on ideas of fear and intimidation.  I said "relationships... thats how you win on the field of everything."   It is. 
It doesn't matter where I am, what sport, what company, what human is sitting with me, we will always find a way.  Why? 
Love & Trust. 
Same as above, so below.  All companies believe in what they do, all teams believe in who they are, but without love & trust, you will be average.  I've seen it too much to know its value.  It is golden yet you cannot weigh it. 
Without love & trust, you will be average.  You will never achieve the goals, you will see people come and go, the game will pass you by and you'll blame everything. 


But it's on US.  You are not a passenger, you are a participant.  So tag yourself in and get involved. 
Somehow, someway, you are in a community and you lead.  You may not see it at the moment, but it is true.  If you have kids, you are a leader.  If you go out into public, you are a leader.  If you engage with any other human, you are a leader.  Its that literal and I believe it deeply. 
This may seem petty or silly, but this is what I do...
I do my grocery shopping every Sunday and I do 2 things, 100% of the time. 
1) I always go to a live cashier and 2) I help the cart guys bring carts in and/or organize for them.

why?   No one sees me.  I've been doing this months, maybe years i dont know and ive never said it til now.  Why do I do it?

Cashier for multiple reasons... #1 fuck the self check outs.  People lose jobs because of self check outs, i'll never use one.  I literally walked out one day because there were no actual cashiers, just self check outs.  I walked, saw that, left.  Another reason and I have done this my entire life... I want them to remember me.  Not because of ME, but because of my energy.  I selfishly love when I see them in a shitty mood... love it.  Because its my crazy little game of "flip this mood," and I make sure when I leave them, they feel better about things.  Then what happens?  They feel better and better for the next person in line that I'll never even meet... think about that.

You will come in contact with a person, a real live person and have the opportunity to effect their day to the point where they help other people enjoy their day more.  Thats real.  Thats how crazy and deep this goes for me.  And its not an act.  I just love it.  I LOVE doing it.  And I do it everywhere.  Because we re all connected... I just showed one way and they're everywhere.  Thats just a grocery store, think about home, school ,the work place... its endless.  You literally have endless opportunities to help people every single day.  I have a new position at work, wish you could ask one of the welders what my first question was... any guesses? 
 "How can I help you?" 

Because I love people... because I haven't lost all my faith, not yet.  I know I've written some dark shit and some people thought, "o fuck, he gone," but no, I told you, I needed the dark corner to rest up for this next round.
 I found gem down there and I want to show you...

Oh ya, the cart guys... I do that because that job sucks and I want to help it not suck so much.  I walk carts back, straighten that rack and all of it.  Think of how many assholes just throw the carts in there, giving zero shits about the people that have to manage their mess.  They think "not my job," and pass it off to someone else.  Dont be that person. 

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